How to sell paparazzi jewelry and use the paparazzi jewelry images you have on your website

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Nov 23, 2020
Jeff Arnold: How is the Infusion of Technology Reshaping Insurance Sector

TUCSON, Ariz. - November 23, 2020 - ( ​​​​​​​The advent of technology in our progressing world has seen the creation of highly specific and functional models, which are constantly making an invaluable difference in the world. In a highly digitized world, the typical consumer experience has completely transcended into a reality that had no possible ground even a few years ago. Who would have thought that the insurance sector is also relying on technology? It is a conversation best hosted by Jeff Arnold. Arnold is often attributed as the Ambassador of the Insurance industry and remains a notable profile in insurance. A Columbia dropout and an insurance prodigy Arnold enrolled in the Leadership and Management School at Columbia University but dropped out shortly. He has served in the United States Army and took a shot at acting before landing an accidental opportunity in insurance.  With over 31 years of experience in the industry, Arnold is a leading personality whose expert insights on insurance are highly valued. He started back in the 90s with a start-up in Arizona, Western Pacific Insurance Brokerage. Here he led everything the old-fashioned way and experienced the real grind of running a start-up, managing through the intense pressure of competition, and having to face cold, hard rejections. However, Arnold recalls it as the most gifted learning experience of his career, which set his future. His career reached a culmination in 2014 when he assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer at SILVERROCK GROUP, Inc. He led his role in acquiring building joint ventures with automobile dealerships, comparison websites, and insurance portals. The company mainly specialized in back end operations and quote conversions for insurance operations based on the internet. Once again, in 2014, Jeff Arnold became the Chief Executive Officer of Abbey Road Insurance Holdings. Being the President and Chief Executive of two firms, Arnold’s experience in the landscape of insurance is certainly gifted and puts him in a promising role for overseeing developments of policies and key strategies to harness the industry's potential. Arnold often speaks on the assimilation of technology in the insurance world, with insurance companies taking the key steps of introducing practices, policies, and operational standards supported and programmed through the input of technology. He constantly argues that the main stakeholders in the future are Generation Z; they are more likely to be the important recipients of technology, and workplaces must introduce a culture that makes way for technology. Besides, Arnold is the author of two important books, one of which has scored the no. 1 bestseller. The two books are “The Art of The Insurance Deal” and “How to Beat Your Insurance Company”, respectively. The latter explores an unconventional subject and is targeted at the customers of insurance giants. Jeff Arnold also avidly writes about InsureTech and the future of insurance on various platforms. Media Contact:Jeff Arnold520 901 7185​ Related LinksLinkedInAmazon Press Release Service by Original Source: Jeff Arnold: How is the Infusion of Technology Reshaping Insurance Sector

Nov 23, 2020
The media is worried that the public may not be able to afford the president’s medical expenses during his three-day hospitalization

On October 2nd, President Trump became seriously ill due to COVID-19 infection and entered Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment. In an interview with the media, Dr. Connie, a White House doctor, admitted that Trump had symptoms such as fever and dyspnea before he was admitted to hospital.    After being admitted to hospital, Trump received oxygen therapy twice because of the decrease of oxygen saturation, and was also treated with antiviral drug Remdesivir and antibody test drug. On October 5th, Trump was discharged from hospital gracefully, showing the image of "strong man" repeatedly. However, New York Times calculated the cost: The three-day treatment President Trump received cost at least $100,000. The charter flights he enjoys to and from hospitals (which are usually not borne by major medical insurance companies) and the use of experimental drugs in large doses are "VIP" privileges that most Americans cannot expect. Many media have questioned: Is this fair to more than 220,000 American citizens who died of COVID-19?   Source:   On October 8th, The New England Journal of Medicine published an article saying that almost every step in the process of dealing with the pandemic in the United States failed, which was always the responsibility of President Trump. Before he was infected with COVID-19, he claimed that "COVID-19 is not as terrible as influenza" and "wearing a mask is useless" And "the source of COVID-19 is a certain country in the East, and we will soon disclose all the evidence" and so on It is not the first time that he made such groundless accusations. Now, several months have passed. Not a single piece of evidence has been released. 

Nov 23, 2020
Unity Spine & Joint Pain Clinic in Mesa Offers Chronic Pain Treatment

November 24, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Unity Spine & Joint Pain Clinic in Mesa, Arizona would like to announce that they offer chronic pain treatment to the local community. The clinic utilizes the latest technologies and a trusted team of doctors, physicians and chiropractors to help their patients manage their pain. They also offer a free consultation for new patients. If one is looking for relief from chronic pain in the Mesa region, Unity Spine and Joint offers a wide range of pain management options. The compassionate physicians at this clinic can provide healthy and responsible pain management for a variety of causes. The clinic offers natural, non-surgical treatment and therapy options that serve to reduce or even completely eliminate pain and other symptoms by dealing with any underlying conditions. The pain clinic’s team makes it their mission to uncover the root cause of an individual’s pain with diagnostic testing and will utilize medical procedures, chiropractic therapy, physical exercise modalities and more cutting-edge treatments to relieve pain and help the patient live a happier and pain-free life. The first step is to discover what the underlying cause for the chronic pain is. This can be accomplished at any of the clinic’s locations in Mesa, Avondale or Phoenix. Learn more here: Pain Treatment Center In Avondale. Before a person’s neck, back, arm or leg pain can be properly treated, it must be understood whether this pain has been caused by an underlying condition or an injury, such as a car accident. The next step is to determine if it has directly caused the consistent, severe pain and other symptoms. Unity Spine & Joint offers proper diagnostic testing to help find the root of an individual’s pain, including checking for muscle and joint pain in the back, neck, hip, knee and other common areas. The clinic also checks for all manner of causes, such as chronic illnesses. Once admitted, patients are assessed for conditions that include Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Sciatic, Neuropathy and so on. Once the underlying cause is discovered, the pain clinic creates a natural treatment plan specifically tailored to the patient’s needs. Unity Spine & Joint offers non-surgical pain management treatments for the aforementioned areas. In particular, they avoid simply offering a quick fix or pharmacological intervention to treat chronic pain. The team of professionals at Unity Spine & Joint are committed to finding natural treatments and therapies that will truly relieve chronic pain and heal one’s body — so that one may get back to their daily routine and to the activities they enjoy. Some of the advanced treatments available include Trigger point injections, Chiropractic therapy, Physical medicine modalities and Epidurals. The clinic also offers treatments that include Medial Branch Blocks, Low dose steroid injections, nerve blocks and much more. The physicians will determine the most suitable treatment plan based on the individual needs of the patient. Learn more here: Chiropractors In Phoenix. One can also schedule a consultation at the pain clinic after an auto accident. If one has been in a collision on the road, it is important to schedule an appointment for pain management within a reasonable period. This is even more important if one is experiencing lingering neck or back pain. To quote the clinic’s website, “If your spine is knocked out of its natural balance, you may experience muscle spasms, headaches, pain and other symptoms that could interfere with daily life. Unity Physician Services offers a variety of natural treatments to counteract the damage done by auto accidents.” Depending on the severity of the pain, the team at the Unity clinic will design a treatment plan to ensure a patient is pain-free within the shortest period of time possible. In a 5-Star review on Yelp, Phill P. states that he has, “Been going to this location for the past three months. Very satisfied with the staff and services. First time visitors get hydrotherapy/water massage, which is fantastic. Once you get the routine, every visit is quick. I like when businesses are respectful of your time, and this place gets you in and out and feeling better. Front office staff, back office staff and doctors all are great and attentive. I would recommend this spot.” To learn more about the services offered by Unity Spine & Joint, one may visit their official website. One may also call or email their representatives to follow up on any further inquiries or make an appointment. ###For more information about Unity Spine & Joint, contact the company here:Unity Spine & JointDr. Thomas Morgan602-603-4077tom@unitydoctors.com4765 S Lakeshore Dr, Tempe AZ 85282ReleaseID: 60039613

Nov 23, 2020
Pathways Recovery Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Offers Medical Detox For Opiates

November 24, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Pathways Recovery Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center, a rehabilitation center in Sacramento CA, is offering an evidence-based opiate detox program. A post on their website goes into great detail regarding the type of program offered and what people struggling with addiction can expect from the program. Detoxification, more generally, is the removal of toxins, like harmful substances (opioids in this case). Eliminating these from the body should only be done under medical supervision and compassionate care. Not everything known as a toxin will be removed from a medical detox program since these are focused on withdrawal from the often harmful substances used when someone is struggling with addiction. Common opioids that require detox are Vicodin®, Percocet®, OxyContin®, oxycodone, heroin, fentanyl, and morphine. Long-term substance use, or long-term use of opiates, can leave a person shaking within moments of waking if they haven’t taken any in some time. These symptoms are known as the DTs or delirium tremens. It’s evident from these symptoms that one reason uninterrupted use continues for years is that the process of trying to quit is painful and scary. Without proper supervision and guidance, things could quickly spiral out of control. After years of use, the body will become accustomed to a certain level of opioids in the bloodstream and feeding the brain. The brain builds up a tolerance, and a little more is needed each time. This can also lead to some more intense symptoms during the withdrawal period. Some of the most common symptoms for opiate withdrawal are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, anxiety, severe whole body pain, tremors, sweating, depression, change in blood pressure, hallucinations, incontinence, seizures, psychosis, and suicidality. Safety is the top priority of medical detox, which is why the center says that it is focused on the benefits of having qualified, compassionate professionals that can handle the withdrawal process with ease. The discomfort and pain that can be associated with opiate withdrawal make it vital that those in detox are a part of a program that combines both their emotional and medical needs. Pathways Recovery drug rehab center in Sacramento offers several options when it comes to safely withdrawing from any type of opiate drug including heroin, prescription pain medications, methadone, and buprenorphine. They are a medically-supervised drug detox center and can assist those with a complicated addiction history and co-occurring mental health issues. Its medical team includes a psychiatrist who is experienced with addiction and co-occurring disorders. Their team also includes a registered nurse and a very experienced 24-hour staff of addiction counselors who have helped hundreds of people through the opiate withdrawal process. The center discusses the patient’s medical history and makes recommendations as to what they feel will be the most successful and comfortable method for the patient. They also want to help the patient meet their recovery goals and develop a recovery plan that will assist them in getting their life back on track. The center says they do not take a cookie cutter approach. Instead, they take the time to assess each person individually. The center says that they understand that each person’s history is different. There are many reasons that people begin to use heroin or prescription medications. The center aims to know the patient and develop a customized treatment plan that is specific to their needs. The center offers opiate detoxification using medically-assisted treatment (MAT). MAT is recommended to make sure the patient remains comfortable while under detox care. Medications that can alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal along with behavioral therapy and holistic treatments are most effective in the handling of opioid use disorders (OUD). MAT helps to stabilize the brain’s chemistry and body functions. It shuts off the euphoric effects of opioids and helps the body carefully move away from feelings of cravings. People struggling with addiction can reach out to the center at its phone number 916-999-9579. There is a contact form on their website for patients who prefer to use that. ###For more information about Pathways Recovery, contact the company here:Pathways Recovery(916) 713-3582info@pathwaysrecovery.com775 Sunrise Ave STE 210Roseville, CA, 95661ReleaseID: 60039752

Nov 23, 2020
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